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Alpha Hydroxy Acids – What Are AHAs and Should you be using them?

AHAs, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids are actually molecules found in fruit and milk.

Normal Facial scrubs physically exfoliate (remove dead skin cells) your skin using little particles you can feel with your fingers.

In AHA skincare products you can’t feel the exfoliating bits but they sure are there.

AHAs are generally more effective than traditional exfoliating products, resulting in softer smoother skin after use.

Alpha hydroxy acids act as chemical exfoliants, which help to loosen and get rid of the dead skin cells on your skin’s surface, revealing the newer, fresher skin underneath.

Benefit of using AHAs:

  • they help with fine lines and wrinkles
  • lighten darken spots on your skin, such as sun spots and pigmentation
  • smoother looking and feeling skin
  • fewer breakouts

Things to be aware of when using AHAs:

While using AHAs is that your sensitivity to sun can be increased. make sure you wear sunscreen every day.

Sensitive skin may react to AHAs, as with any product always test first.

Using products at home containing AHAs in your daily skincare routine combined with regular in salon peel treatments will give you the best results.

We use and recommend Organicspa Lactic gel cleanser and facial peel treatments.

Lactic gel cleanser achieved highly commended status in the 2018 Natural beauty awards.

We also offer AHA salon treatments which are more concentrated to help bring out the beautiful, fresh skin underneath.

Have you used AHAs on your skin?

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