Is wearing a face mask ruining your skin?

Is wearing a face mask all day ruining your skin? Facial coverings are now the norm, and in some areas and occupations – mandatory. While keeping us safe from Covid-19, face masks can be a real problem for our skin when worn all day! This can be due to the lack of air flow to the … Read More


What to do about your nails during lockdown

It's a sad day when you can no longer get to the beauty salon! If you have nails on and are not sure what to do this is for you... Your options - do you want to keep your nails on or remove them? Not sure? Here's what I recommend for different types of nail … Read More

Introducing Collagen gold Eye mask

      Introducing our Collagen Gold Eye Mask!   {FREEBIE OFFER BELOW}   Enriched with natural collagen to smooth, plump and hydrate while removing the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and crows feet around the eyes.   The collagen and gold work together to give a youthful, golden glow and to refresh … Read More

The ultimate treat for dry hands

If you have not tried a paraffin wax treatment just yet, now is the right time to do so! Winter can be hard on the hands - cold, wind and artiicial heating can dry out your skin making your hands look older and feel dry. Paraffin wax treatments are a luxurious treat that can help … Read More
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Why everyone is getting a Lash Lift

What’s so great about a Lash Lift? Lash Lifts are becoming one of our popular treatments! If you have always wanted longer, fuller looking lashes that give the Wow factor but have not been keen on having extensions and want a low maintrenance option then a Lash Lift could be the perfect option for you. … Read More

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AHAs for super healthy skin

Alpha Hydroxy Acids – What Are AHAs and Should you be using them? AHAs, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids are actually molecules found in fruit and milk. Normal Facial scrubs physically exfoliate (remove dead skin cells) your skin using little particles you can feel with your fingers. In AHA skincare products you can’t feel the exfoliating bits … Read More


The Perfect Wedding Day Tan

SAY “I DO” WITH A NATURAL, LONG LASTING GLOW FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY Walk down the aisle on your special day, with the specifically formulated, intensely moisturizing, pH balancing, medium level bronzing spray tan. Odour-free, Perfect Bride delivers a natural looking, gorgeous tan. Perfect Bride Pro Spray tan suits all skin types and tones for … Read More

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Which Cleanser is right for my skin?

Which Cleanser is right for my skin? Does your skin feel tight or irritated after cleansing? If so, you may be using the wrong cleanser… Cream cleansers are suitable for most skin types and conditions, especially dry, sensitive, mature and normal skin. Foaming cleansersare suitable for oily/problem skin. Exfoliating cleansers are suitable for most skins especially … Read More

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                SNS Nails are a product brand – one of many nail dipping systems designed to enhance your natural nails. A base gel is applied and dipped in your chosen powder colour, building layers and refining to provide strong, natural looking nails, followed by a sealer and top … Read More

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The Secret to long lasting Eyeliner

Stop skipping, tugging and pulling your eyeliner with this specially formulated waterproof gel eyeliner. Instantly transform your lashline by making it look darker, richer and thicker. Genie Superglide Gel Eyeliner is: ~Waterproof ~Smudgeproof ~Cryproof Available in your choice of:  • Black OR  • Espresso (Brown) Tips for Use: Make sure the tip is sharpened to a point … Read More