What to do about your nails during lockdown

It’s a sad day when you can no longer get to the beauty salon!

If you have nails on and are not sure what to do this is for you…

Your options – do you want to keep your nails on or remove them? Not sure?

Here’s what I recommend for different types of nail enhancements and how to remove them if you want to:

Shellac polish:

1. Keep them on and purchase a uv or led lamp and gel polish to maintain them at home.

2. Grow them out – file down the nail length as they grow, eventually just your natural nails will remain.

3. Remove – File the surface of the polish, remove by soaking in acetone.

SNS/dip powder nails:

1. Do your own nails at home. If you want to keep your nails I have another website supplying nail dipping (sns) kits where you can learn how to do them as well: www.nailsonthenet.com.au

2. Remove with acetone

Acrylic nails:

1. Grow them out (recommended) File them down as they grow, keeping them short to avoid nail damage. File the top of your nails to thin out the acrylic as they grow. Continue to nourish your nails with cuticle oil daily.

2. Removal – can take 30minutes to an hour. Soak in acetone, filing off acrylic as it softens.

How to remove your nails using Acetone:

Use 100% pure acetone (available at Retreat)

Place enough acetone to cover your nails in a ceramic bowl.

Add a few drops of cuticle oil as well to stop your skin from drying out. Place the ceramic bowl in another larger bowl with a little bit of hot water in it.

Place nails in the acetone.

Sns – 10 mintues

Shellac – 10 minutes

Acrylic – 30+ minutes

As the product starts to soften you can file it off. Take care not to file your natural nail.

Need help? Feel free to email me or send a message via my Facebook page

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